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Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare

Because I feel like it and I can
I am going to be doing a friends cut. It's been a long time coming. Some of you are going to be removed that have been on here for a long time. I am sorry I just feel we have drifted apart and are just hanging on to the past. I myself do not hang on to the past. I try and learn from it and move on. If your there to help and be along for the future great but some just are not.

No hard feelings and I'm sure there will be and I'm sorry but if you where in my shoes you would do the same thing. Maybe not but that is what makes me ME.

Love each and every one of you and I do wish you the best in your life, your goals, and your future.

Hugs n Luvs

Like LJ Graphics?
Want to join a community where you will find awesome one of a kind offers?


and let rainynights know I sent you here in this link

You won't be disappointed. I have been a member for as long as I remember.
Not only are her graphics awesome but she is a sweet person.

Early Spring Cleaning
I am sorry if you find yourself removed. If you want to know what, it's because we no longer click. People change, and I feel my thoughts and feelings are no longer heard. I am sorry if you feel differently but hey maybe it's something to either think about or bitch about. I do wish you the best of the best.


Okay ranting time
if you are here to steal ideas for your graphic making pleasure please leave!!!! I see similar boxes and I know for a fact you got the idea from me and someone elses and put them together. This royally pisses me off as I want to be known for my work. I don't sell my boxes for a reason. I feel I thought of the idea to use something different that no one else should be able to do so. Call me a bitch if you must but I take pride in what I do. I don't think my graphics are the greatest but they are original and I'd like it to stay that way.

As a matter of fact I am removing you from here and my community because I don't see how I can trust you any further.

I made a Facebook Group
and I may even make a group in my blog. I haven't decided yet. I think I'm going to start focusing on something to help others that need it.

My facebook page is Children with drug addicted parents. Please join and pass it on....


Here are credits for anything I need to give credit for on my livejournal.

Layout has credit given in the layout.

Blinkies have hover credits.